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Vik Gupta
S.V.P. Sales & Operations

With over 14 years of multi-dimensional experience in the trucking industry, Vik is the 'knowledge-pool' and 'solution-finder' for the entire team. Apart from overlooking sales & operations at Pride Truck Sales, he also owns a trucking trade magazine and takes interest in organizing truck shows. When not mentoring the team or pacing through his day, Vik loves spending time with his wife and kids and ticking off countries on his bucket list.

What he speaks: English, Hindi & Punjabi

Jasvir Johal
V.P. Sales & Operations

With over a decade of experience in the trucking industry, 'Jas' as he is fondly called, is our go-to person for everything small and big. Apart from overlooking sales and operations at Pride Truck Sales, you will find him ensure everything at the dealership is functioning smoothly and everyone in the team is working efficiently. On the weekends, he is either on the golf course or at home, whipping up some healthy recipes with his family.


 What he speaks: English, Hindi & Punjabi

Harman Jhand
Senior Account Manager

Having a master's in mechanical engineering, Harman started off as an owner-operator and then went on to enter the world of truck sales. This means, that he knows every tiny detail that there is to know about trucks. When not providing his best customer service, you will find him passionately video graphing his favorite rigs or riding his sports bike.

What he speaks: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu & French.

Vivek Tiwari
Sales Manager

Vivek's love for wheels is what keeps him going. Having worked in the auto industry for over 10 years, he moved to the trucking industry to be a part of the big wave. When not selling trucks, you will find him exploring them.

What he speaks: English, Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi

Preet Singh
Account Manager

With over 12 years of sales experience, Preet is known for having a fix for every problem that you throw at him. 'No problem at all' and 'happy to help' is what you will always hear him say. When not befriending customers, you will find him taking on a game of cricket or spending time with his daughters.

What he speaks: English, Hindi & Punjabi

Maninderjit Singh
Inventory Supervisor

The youngest member of the Pride Truck Sales team, 'Manny' too, joined us a student and fell in love with the world of trucks. He knows exactly where your truck is on our expansive yard. Apart from ensuring our inventory is well managed, he likes writing poetry.

What he speaks: English. Hindi & Punjabi

Reetika Sharma
Inventory Administrator

Coming to Canada as a student, Reetika fell in love with the country and decided to stay back. She excels at multi-tasking and ensures every customer that enters Pride Truck Sales is directed to the right person. Call her in the middle of the night and she will still greet you with warmth. When not at work, you will find her spending time amidst nature.

What she speaks: English, Hindi & Punjabi

Reena Bajaj
PR & Marketing Associate

With over 6 years of experience in the media and communications space, Reena has handled the public relations mandate for companies across industries such as automobile, technology, pharma, education, among others. She believes one's 'net worth' is determined by their 'network'. When she isn't creating content and marketing strategies for us, you will find her playing the Handpan or baking sweet treats.

What she speaks: English, Hindi & French

Hassan Iftikhar
Account Manager

Another team member coming from the auto industry, Hassan brings with him 8 years of sales experience. He loves reading trucking blogs and websites and sharing his knowledge with the team. On the weekends you will find him on the soccer field or indulging in other outdoor activities with his boys.

What he speaks: English, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu

Tarun Khanna
Account Manager

With an MBA in Retail and an experience of over 21 years in the luxury retail sector, Tarun moved from Dubai to explore work opportunities in Canada. However, the energy of the truck sales industry brought him to us. When not focusing on ensuring his customers have the best truck buying experience, Tarun enjoys playing a game of cricket or exploring new gadgets.

What he speaks: English, Hindi & Arabic

Gurpreet Singh
Territory Manager, Alberta

Coming from the automobile industry, Gurpreet brings on board over a decade of sales experience. When he isn't busy passionately selling trucks, you will find him unwind watching a game of cricket or socializing with his friend circle. 

What he speaks: English, Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi

Keyul Patel
Account Manager

Another team player from the automotive industry, Keyul holds 10 years of experience comprising of working at various sales positions in the auto business. His motto has always been "Giving honest advice and great customer service both before, and after sales are the best tools to build long term relationships with your customers." When not busy selling trucks, Keyul loves to travel with his family. 

What he speaks: English, Hindi, Gujarati & Punjabi

Usman Amjad

Beginning his career from the chemical industry, Usman's sincerity and passion towards building long term customer relations, led him to explore different industries before settling in the truck sales business. Holding over 14 years of sales experience, Usman continues to focus on providing the best customer service by exceeding expectations. On the weekends you will find him unwinding with a game of cricket or snooker.

What he speaks: English, Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi



Dildeep Johal
Vice President - Sales & Operations, USA

With 22 years of experience in Trucking, Sales, Finance and Repairs, Dildeep heads the Sales and Operations for the US. When not helping customers find a solution to their trucking challenges, you will find him globetrotting or spending quality time with his family.

What he speaks: English. Hindi & Punjabi

Mukhtar Nazari
Finance Manager, Stockton

Having over 14 years of experience in the car industry, Mukhtar recently made the shift into the world of trucking. However, his immense knowledge in the field of sales, management, operations and finance makes him take up his new role effortlessly. When not busy working the numbers, you will find him unwinding with his kids on the basketball court or challenging them to a cycling race.                       

What he speaks: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Farsi & Pashto

Hardeep Singh
Account Manager, Stockton

Starting his journey in the trucking world as a driver and then swiftly moving on to become an owner operator, before entering truck sales, Hardeep has over 10 years of experience to help him ensure he gets every customer exactly the truck that suits their requirements. When not providing the best customer service, Hardeep likes spending all his free time with his family.

What he speaks: English, Hindi & Punjabi. 

Robert Dalton
Branch Manager, Fontana

Having studied and worked as a Diesel Mechanic for 10 years, Robert moved to the truck sales industry 34 years ago. Apart from being passionate about knowing the tiniest details of every truck in the yard, Robert enjoys unwinding at his cabin in the desert or riding his motorcycles.

What he speaks: English

Corey Garland
Finance Manager, Fontana

Being a part of the truck financing business for over 28 years, Corey uses her vast knowledge and expertise to ensure that she finds the right financing solutions for every customer. When not busy getting customers the truck of their dreams, she loves indulging in outdoor activities such as off-roading in the winters and spending summer afternoons riding Sea-Doo's on the Colorado River.

What she speaks: English

Account Manager, Fontana

A part of the trucking industry since 2004, Bobby started off as a Diesel Mechanic and ran his own diesel repair business for 5 years, then moving on the sales side of the industry. Known for his happy-go-lucky attitude, Bobby ensures every customer he deals with, leaves our dealership with a smile. When not selling trucks, you will find him taking a spin on his Harley Davidson or his jeep.

What he speaks: English

Manjit Warraich
Account Manager, Fontana

Having been a trucker himself for more than 20 years, Manjit worked with our sister concern Pride Group Logistics for 5 years and then decided to switch sides and enter the world of truck sales. Backed by experience, he knows exactly which truck would fit the customer's requirements and their driving conditions. When not at work, you will find Manjit unwinding with a book or playing a game of soccer. 

What he speaks: English, Hindi & Punjabi

Elsaid Shehata
Branch Manager, Toledo

Elsaid entered the truck sales route via the truck driving one. Which means that all his on-road experience helps him better understand customer needs, thus enabling him to get every customer the truck that suits their load, terrain and driving requirements. While his 10 years of factory experience in the automotive industry make him at ease with the engines, his 24-years of experience at the US Embassy in Cairo ensures effortless customer service. On the weekends you will find Elsaid winning at a Ping Pong game or unwinding with a game of soccer. 

What he speaks: English & Arabic

Dale Kitchen
Service Manager, Toledo

Having served as a mechanic for over 35 years, Dale has always been around engines and motors and can fix pretty much every issue-small or big, with utmost ease. When not with the engines, you will find Dale relaxing with a book and a fishing rod!

What he speaks: English